Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hardly anyone fell asleep!

SO, a week ago I went to Norwich University of The Arts and did a guest lecture for some first years. I spoke to them about what job I have, what it involves, how I got my job and my experience so far, along with some advice on stuff like portfolios and skills.

As is my wont, I rambled a bit. However, I really enjoyed it and I hope I said stuff that they found relevant and helpful.

I remember 2 game devs coming to give talks while I was at Uni - one a general talk to everyone from some at Ninja Theory and another for the MA group (cohort?) from someone at TT Games. Both talks were really interesting - like a chance to peek in the window at how people work and what they do. Along with some bits of advice.

I find most of the advice I can offer people has come from a mashing up of my experience and the various bits of advice I've collected from here and there - from people at conventions, people at talks, my tutors at Uni, books, magazines, online article and YouTube, tutorials etc etc - all those tiny bits that I've consciously (or unconsciously) collected over time are what come out now, as I attempt to sound like I know what I'm talking about and offer advice.

All in all, very cool and topped off a week that included a visit to another studio in London to meet the Art Lead and see what they're up to, how they work, what their team like.

I love my job :)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Long time in the making.....

It's a bit like how waiting for a NIN album used to be. Sure it will be worth it though..... I hope....

I have been away in the real world getting a job as a Junior 3D Artist - which has taken up my time. Shortly before that, I started on a new project to create a Lego Fire Car brick-by-brick, to scale, and without worrying about polycounts (and it turned out, with no use of textures!) So here are some pics:

I started this project in Maya: I've always used Maya as it's what I learned at Uni, however at work they use 3Ds Max, so I have converted over and I finished off this project (or, did the final rendering and positioned) in Max. I imagine I'll use Max from now on. Although I worry that I will forget how to use Maya entirely, so maybe it would be best to open it up and do something every now and then?