Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Advice flows easily.....

.... but that doesn't mean it's any good.

Recently, on several occasions, by several different people, I've been asked for advice. Particularly relating to working in the games industry (less and less questions about coffee... sad times).

And, it's cool - I like sharing my "story" and how I got where I am and giving my advice on things. Makes me feel like maybe I know what I'm talking about - or at least that I can tell people about how I got here; through Uni, after Uni and getting this job and working here. Because really, all I can tell anyone is my own story. I remember doing teacher training and one of the teachers at my first placement saying that everything is storytelling; even teaching. I really took that to heart. It's all about storytelling. Everything (that and everything is a game [or could be]).

Anyway.... back to advice giving. All anyone can really offer is advice based on their own experience. Not everyone's experience is the same. Not every method works for everyone. That and a regurgitation of the advice I've received and worked for me.

This little outburst was inspired by Roxanne Gray's blog here, where she puts things fantastically:


</ramble over>