Friday, 16 October 2009

Since the bad news...

After they said the Preston Project would not carry any marks or contribute to the MA overall, it's fair to say the wind was quickly removed from my sails and set free. Harumph. Which is a shame because I was really starting to enjoy it. Still we've continued our meetings and settled on work to do. We settled on the working on the Preston Docks. I suggested something to go on the wave breakers and we seem to have gone with that.

I haven't been to the docks myself, but by all accounts I'm not missing much other than a run down looking waterway complete with dead birds. Considering how important the docks have been to Preston in its growth is amazing they don't make much more of them - especially as they are no longer used for trade, there is surely opportunity to create a living space or entertainment space or something there like other cities have don't with their docks. Someone in our meeting pointed out Salford Quays as an example - where that area has become incredibly desirable.

So, our design response will focus around a series of installations on the wavebreakers - much like the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square that has different things put on. Everyone is contributing an idea for what could go on it. It's all being presented next week. I wonder if any groups will be 'brave' enough to refuse to take part? In artistic protest of course.

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  1. OK, now get over it and get on with the design stuff! You've got a nicely contained idea with lots of potential there, but we need to see lots of development. So I ambeing grumpy MA tutor and kicking your moaning backside. Honeymoons over, get on with it! (please)