Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What the HELL have you been doing since January?

So, Semester 2 is over and this is my summing up do-da. This semester I have mostly been making coffee... no, that’s not it – I have been mostly concerning myself with Character Design. I say ‘concerning’ because there was moments when I was very concerned – such as at 12am one night when it dawned on me I was going to have to delete the damn head and start again. Still what doesn’t kill you will most probably scar you for life.

Anywho, Character Design. I split this project in two – first part was looking at adapting design and applying theory. The second part was exploring the design process and developing ideas. I’m going to post up some summaries/reflections – probably split it in to three: Adapting Design, theory and Design Process. If you’re not on the edge of your seat now, then you clearly don’t live with a cat!

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