Saturday, 17 January 2015

Long time in the making.....

It's a bit like how waiting for a NIN album used to be. Sure it will be worth it though..... I hope....

I have been away in the real world getting a job as a Junior 3D Artist - which has taken up my time. Shortly before that, I started on a new project to create a Lego Fire Car brick-by-brick, to scale, and without worrying about polycounts (and it turned out, with no use of textures!) So here are some pics:

I started this project in Maya: I've always used Maya as it's what I learned at Uni, however at work they use 3Ds Max, so I have converted over and I finished off this project (or, did the final rendering and positioned) in Max. I imagine I'll use Max from now on. Although I worry that I will forget how to use Maya entirely, so maybe it would be best to open it up and do something every now and then?

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