Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Researching... Searching....

I'm am indulging on one of my favourite pastimes - research. It doesn't matter what it is - buying a new computer, a new game whatever. Getting to spend hours on the Interweb finding things is always time well spent.

I'm getting started with my work for this semester. I've been drawing a character. Uncle Jimmy subtly suggested I leave the Vikings (and their ilk) alone and look down other avenues. So Cyberpunk and Steampunk it is and I am quickly falling in love with the Steampunk aesthetic! I really want a pair of Steampunk goggles! Anyway... I'm hoping to use these as themes for the characters I'm going to be developing and put them in to a game setting - I'm thinking once I have worked on the Characters, putting them into a Pitch Document for a game. I think that would be detail enough for the game they would be in?

Anywho... bye for now!

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