Friday, 15 January 2010

Take your turn...

Generally speaking I'm not a fan of turn based play in computer games. Card games, board games are fine, but in computer games it just frustrates me. I love Age of Empires, but the DS version drives me up the wall as I never get in to it like I do on the PC version. For me there's no flow.

However (did you see that coming?)... I was a while back introduced to a game called BloodBowl by someone (mainly because they wanted someone to play against). Essentially it's American football played by various fantasy races and a lot more bloody. As perfect a game as this sounds, I never bothered getting it (mainly because I had just bought Madden 2010 and so didn't have £40 to spare).

I now have it on the DS and it is indeed a turn based game. Not surprising as it is derived from a table top game by the same name. According to my own logic and preferences I should not like this game, but now I've got the hang of it I've been playing it on the train back and forth to Uni and I'm really enjoying it.

It has dawned on me though that there is another reason why I like this game when I loose interest in other turn based computer games - I love American Football and American Football is actually a turn based sport. Each 'play' is a 'turn'. One complaint from people who don't like it is that it stops and starts, but that's precisely one of the things I love about it- how the offense/defense line up with their set play - what they feel is the best strategy for that play and try to outdo the other team whether that involves scoring or preventing a score (or intercepting, sacking etc etc).

I think Amercing Football is the only turn based sport I can think of and I think that is why I like BloodBowl when other games have left me bored.

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