Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Crash Test Dummy

I remember way-back-when playing on the Incredible Crash Test Dummies game on the SNES. I loved it. There was something ridiculously appealing about loosing limbs one by one when you take damage - first hopping, then shuffling along on your bum once you lost your legs.

So, first up.... The Incredible Crash Test Dummies:

Second, my own crash test dummy/submarine. I've deformed it with Maya's Defoming tools and then chipped away at the model. I've also put it on the seabed and put the Underwater Caustics effect on.... looking good so far I think? But, clearly, I'm biased!


  1. Perhaps get some references from sunken ships (Titanic?) to see what happens to them once sunk. Just a thought!

  2. Ooooo... see, you are worth knowing for things besides being laughed at whilst kidnapped and at the mercy of Evil Ref... ;) Oh, and for comic recommendations! :)