Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I love Star Wars...

... but that's got nothing to do with this post. This post is about weighting and the fact that I spent an entire day unsuccessfully trying to weight the Tank Dude (I've settled on "Tank Dude" as his official name).

I spent hours a)remembering how to rig and weight b) persistently ballsing up painting the weighting on to the model. If the aim of the game had been to distort the model in the most bizarre ways possible, then I would have won that game.

Turns out I was making mistakes in the order I weighted the joints and generally being rubbish. Still, hours of getting it wrong has hopefully drilled in to my head how to do it right. I hope!

I then used my new-found skills to appropriately pose my model (as you can see in the previous post).

Now, where did I put that submarine...?


  1. Hey Stef,

    If your really into learning how to rig and stuff this months 3D World magazine has a really good tutorial on making your own rigs in Maya with MEL script. Has videos as well as project files, well worth a read


    Thats probably a better link!

  3. She's too busy pissin' about making her tank man boogaloo!

  4. And a damn fine boogaloo he does too! :D

    Pete - thanks, I shall have a good look at that :)