Friday, 10 July 2015

Gaming memories.....

I was recently reading an interview with a game dev and the first question they asked her was: What was your first experience with video games?

Which got me thinking: What was my first experience with video games? That would be the christmas my parents got me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (specifically the James Bond Action Pack that came with that beautiful light gun).

I imagine this purchase had more to do with James Bond than computer games. Still - I can remember opening that present and being completely in love with it. A little internet research leads me to believe that this would have been 1990. Wow... I was 7years old.

I vaguely remember the goodies that came with it - I imagine that I played with them A LOT (growing up all I wanted to be was either James Bond or Indiana Jones).

Anyway... I remember playing the clay pigeon shooting game over and over and over again ("Lord Bromley's Estate" I'm guessing) and target practice ("Q's Armoury"?). Weirdly I don't remember the other title in the box - the actual Living Daylights game.

Other games I played on this computer included a Top Gun game, a Star Wars game, a Karate game, a Yogi Bear game, a Batman game... all of them of course requiring you to put the tape in and leave it to load (close the door and come back later).

I suppose, to be a little more dramatic - that was a life changing moment then, that Christmas - as I was introduced to video games for the first time and I never looked back!

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