Friday, 11 December 2015

Low Poly......

I have a bit of an obsession with polygons.... The idea of working with very high poly-counts makes me nervous. I know exactly who I blame for this... and it's not necessarily a bad thing - it helped me get my job. Poly counts are important when you work in games.

I;ve wanted to have a stab at creating some really lo poly stuff - they kind I see in games I like and dotted around the web. It seems this style is very popular within Unity (I could be making that up... so you should go look for yourself). Still.... that kind of look where it reminds of origamis a little - folded paper lines? Yeah, that... I've wanted to have a go at that for a while.

Having just been on a 3Ds Max course (whichwas very cool) I'm also feeling all motivated and sutff to make things - which is really nice, because although I've been really getting in to my drawing recently, I've not felt like modelling anything in 3D.

So, progress so far:

I'm quite pleased with them so far..... Another tree to add and then I'm going to branch out in to some other things and try for the same style! :)

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